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Nine Rajabhakti Park activists skip police summons again

Dec 29. 2015
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NINE ACTIVISTS who took part in a trip to Rajabhakti Park to “check out allegations of corruption” this month have postponed meeting authorities for the second time, police said yesterday.
On December 7, police pressed charges against 11 people for gathering in a group of more than five in violation of a directive by the National Council for Peace and Order.
Two of the 11 surrendered to police yesterday and were interrogated for two hours in the presence of their lawyer.
Both Vijit Hanhabun, 66, and Kittichai Sumal, 33, denied the charges. Kittichai said he had not met the others to carry out political activity but was going to the park to check out corruption allegations.
The two told police they would submit a letter in their defence to police by January 15.
None of 11 activists attended the first summons set for earlier this month, but a lawyer submitted a postponement request on their behalf.
The same day, police issued a second summons set for yesterday for them to face questioning, adding that the activists’ reasons for the first delay were insufficient.
Yesterday police said they had received a letter from the nine activists who did not show up saying that they would turn themselves in to police on January 8.
Meanwhile, the Bangkok Military Court approved a third round of detention for Weerachai Chabunmee, a suspect connected to the alleged insurgency known as the Khon Kaen model.
He will be further detained from yesterday to January 10.

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