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Buri Ram police chief threatens to prosecute parents as he rounds up 481 street racers

Police in the Northeast province of Buri Ram rounded up 481 street racers this week and also threatened to hold the parents of the youth accountable for negligence resulting in wrongdoing – an offence that is punishable by three months in jail and/or a Bt30,000 fine.



Buri Ram police chief Pol Maj-General Weerapol Charoensiri said of the 481 street racers rounded up this week, 45 were underage, which means their parents will face action. He added that six shops where the motorcycles were modified will also face legal action. Officers have seized 156 motorcycles and eight cars as evidence. 
Weerapol said he has assigned 34 police stations in Buri Ram to arrest street racers for creating public disturbance and posing a risk to others. The racers rounded up this week will find themselves facing prosecution, while repeat offenders will face a heavier punishment and their parents will also be penalised. 
The Buri Ram police chief said the parents will either receive a warning or be required to provide a financial collateral so they can be serious about stopping their children from repeating the offence. If their children are caught racing again, the collateral will be confiscated, and the parents will be charged with abetting wrongdoing, which is punishable by up to three months in jail and/or Bt30,000 in fine.

Published : July 19, 2019

By : Surachai Piraksa The Nation