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Volunteer engineers fan out in flooded Ubon

The Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT) has arranged for expert volunteers to assess the condition of buildings affected by floods in Ubon Ratchathani Wednesday through Saturday (October 9-12) to help get life there get back to normal.



Thanet Weerasiri, chairman of the institute under the patronage of His Majesty the King, said the flood situation had improved in several provinces, but Ubon Ratchathani, Yasothon, Roi Et and Si Sa Ket were still suffering. 
“In Ubon Ratchathani alone, over 400 residences were destroyed and 5,000 were partially damaged, and many people haven’t been able to return to their homes,” he said.
“Volunteers with experience in engineering will check building structures and give victims advice on how to resume their normal lives.”
EIT secretary-general Somchit Peumpremsuk said the volunteers would carry checklists as they examine structural and facility soundness, moving from floor to floor as well as noting the surrounding terrain.
“Before entering any area, they’ll make sure there are no risks such as electricity leakage or possibilities of collapse,” Somchit said
The EIT will process images, messages and videos the volunteers submit via a phone application and live images from weather satellite Brada. 
The processed data will then be sent back to the volunteers to evaluate and advise homeowners.
“Three colours will represent the evaluation results – green means the house is safe, yellow it needs some repairs and red means risky to occupy,” Somchit said.

Published : October 09, 2019

By : The Nation