Friday, June 18, 2021


MEA clarifies on electricity deposit refund

Jaturong Suriyassin, deputy director-general and spokesman of Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), has responded to numerous questions regarding the government’s policy to refund the deposit to electricity users as a measure to help alleviate financial burden during the Covid-19 situation.




“Many want to know if they will be charged a repair fee if the electricity meter got damaged after they had already got their deposit back,” he said. “MEA will still be responsible for the repair/replacement fee of meters in case they malfunctioned, got damaged by natural disasters, or loss.”
However, if the meter got damaged by overcapacity usage, or can be proved that the damage was caused by the users, then electricity users must pay for the repair/replacement, he added.
Jaturong added that the deposit to be refunded was not originally reserved for meter repair or replacement. “We keep this deposit to cover the loss when electricity users do not pay their power bill,” he added.
“The other question asked frequently is whether MEA will cut power immediately if users who had already got the refund fail to pay their power bill,” said Jaturong. “Currently the rule of immediate power cut is not yet enforced by Provincial Electricity Authority, therefore we will follow existing practice, which includes issuing a warning letter prior to cutting power.”

Published : March 26, 2020