Tue, January 25, 2022


Chanthaburi gets tough with those who don't wear face masks

Chanthaburi has ordered all people in the province to wear sanitary or cloth face masks when leaving their homes, or face a maximum fine of Bt20,000.

The order was issued by Governor Withurat Srinam on Thursday (April 2) and will be effective from April 3 to 30.
“The Chanthaburi Committee for Communicable Disease has agreed to enforce the order in the province until the end of April, as the Covid-19 situation in Thailand is still escalating, while the numbers of infected and those under investigation/quarantine are continually rising,” said Withurat.
The governor issued the order under Section 34(6) of the Communicable Disease Act BE 2558 that empowers the provincial governor to announce regulations to prevent the spreading of communicable diseases in their responsible areas. Those who do not obey the order will be in violation of Section 51 of the Act, punishable by a maximum fine of Bt20,000.

Published : April 03, 2020