Fri, January 28, 2022


Progressive Movement defiant, admits it projected laser messages

The Progressive Movement took to Twitter to admit that the group did project laser messages on government buildings and at public places in Bangkok with the hashtag #ตามหาความจริง (“finding the truth”) after authorities warned they were hunting those responsible for projecting the messages with political overtones.

The group also said on its Twitter account that the authorities had no need to track them down.
The messages, which were projected on the Defence Ministry building, Ratchaprasong BTS Station and Pathumwanaram Temple, urged readers, particularly pro-democracy groups, to “find the truth” behind the Army’s actions.
“The truth might make some people uncomfortable and they may try to silence it but the truth will set us free from your lies,” the group boldly announced on Twitter. “We are no longer your slaves. Find the truth with us on our Progressive Movement Facebook page between May 12 and 20,” it added.
Several political events were mentioned in the post, including the Black May 1992 crackdown, the 1973 popular uprising and the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship rally in 2010, in which people were killed by the authorities and the cases “sealed”.
Just before the group took to Twitter, Defence Ministry spokesman Lt-General Kongcheep Tantrawanich stated: “It seems they are trying to bring up past political events, but this could lead to misunderstanding by authorities and institutes. National security authorities are considering legal action against the group and expect to find them soon.”

Published : May 12, 2020

By : The Nation