Sun, September 26, 2021


Worm-like substance found in eggs are actually “tissues spoiled by bacteria”

A weird worm-like substance that emanated from eggs in Chonburi was not any kind of parasite but tissues that were spoiled by bacteria.



Rangsiya Sara-uppatham, a 34-year-old Chon Buri resident, on May 31 posted photos of the eggs that were bought from a Tesco Lotus store and which turned into something that looked like worms when being boiled.
A day later, Tesco Lotus and the Department of Disease Control took the eggs for a lab test.
Dr Taweesak Songserm, from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Kasetsart University, said worms cannot normally enter eggs due to their hard shells.
The strange texture was caused by the high quantity of bacteria that changed the property of the eggs and resulted in a worm-like appearance, he added.

Published : June 02, 2020

By : The Nation