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Rayong senior officer promises Bt100,000 to anyone who contracts Covid-19 after visiting Rayong

Jul 18. 2020
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The government's Centre for Covid-19 Situation (CCSA) will propose to the Cabinet to hold mobile meetings in Rayong province to promote tourism and strengthen the public's confidence in the province’s safety, Deputy Minister of Public Health Satit Pitutecha said on Friday (July 17).

The province was gripped with fear of a new wave of infections after an Egyptian soldier, who stayed in a hotel there, was found to be positive after he had left the country.

“The Ministry of Public Health has performed intensive testing in the province and has not found any local getting infected so far, including the 12 persons who had close contact with the infected foreigner,” he said. “All persons who carry the risk of infection will remain in quarantine for 14 days after which they will be tested again,” he said.

“People who wish to visit Rayong, as well as Rayong people who want to travel to other provinces, will not be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine, unless there is evidence that the person had made contact with an infected person or was determined by the Department of Disease Control as carrying a high risk,” added Satit.

Meanwhile, Piya Pitutecha, chief executive of Rayong Provincial Administrative Organisation, said that Rayong must regain the tourists' confidence as quickly as possible while urging local people not to panic.

“I am confident that Rayong people are free from Covid-19,” he said. “If anyone visits Rayong and contracts Covid-19, I will personally pay them Bt100,000 after they show concrete evidence, verified by the Ministry of Public Health, that they actually contracted the virus from Rayong locals.”

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