Sun, January 23, 2022


Charter change will topple Thai state, warns ultraroyalist group

Warong Dechgitvigrom and members of his ultraroyalist Thai Pakdee group asked the Constitutional Court on Thursday to halt the charter change process, claiming it could overthrow Thailand’s system of governance.

A provision in the current Constitution states that the Constitution must be amended in sections, not entirely rewritten, said Warong. Therefore, redrafting the whole charter was not in line with the law, he added.
Warong also claimed that rewriting the supreme law would weaken the role of Parliament members as stated in the current Constitution. This would in turn undermine the power of citizens by depriving them of representation via members of Parliament, he said.
Changing the whole Constitution would also mean changing MPs and senators, as well as members of courts and other independent organisations under the law, he said.
Such a move would amount to overthrowing the administration, said Warong.
He also called on the president of Parliament to bring a halt to the charter change process.

Published : December 03, 2020