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Airline trainee in Don Mueang Airport tests positive for Covid-19

A trainee at an airline that operates flights out of Don Mueang Airport has tested positive for Covid-19, Flying Officer Sumpun Kutranon, general manager of the airport, said on Monday.



He said the trainee had lost his sense of smell on December 23 and tested for Covid-19 at a hospital the following day.

“The trainee is being treated in hospital because the test came in positive on Christmas Day,” he said.

Airline trainee in Don Mueang Airport tests positive for Covid-19

He said the airport authorities have checked all CCTV footage and found the trainee had worn a mask at all times.

“However, those who came into contact with the trainee have been instructed to go into self-quarantine and wait for results. Those who are at low risk of infection were instructed to monitor their symptoms and strictly observe measures put in place by the Public Health Ministry,” he said.

Flying Officer Sumpun Kutranon

Sumpun said the airport has implemented the following measures to curb the spread of the virus:

• The airport’s medical division has been instructed to cooperate with the Department of Disease Control on containing the spread of virus.

• The airport will call those who came into contact with the patient and have them tested in hospital.

• All areas inside passenger terminal will be disinfected every hour.

• Passengers’ temperature will be checked at all entrances. Anybody with body temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to enter.

• Seating in terminal area has been marked out to ensure social distancing.

• Staff will either be made to work from home or on a shift basis to reduce congestion.

• Staff must wear a face mask at all times.

"The airport and Public Health Ministry are monitoring the situation closely,” he said.

The airport can be contacted via the 1722 hotline or by calling its PR centre at (02) 535 1192.

Published : December 28, 2020

By : The Nation