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Girl, 11, allegedly raped by grandfather, dies of pregnancy complications

A girl aged 11, who had allegedly been raped by her grandfather, died in her mother’s embrace on Friday, after suffering from severe morning sickness.

The funeral of the girl was held at her house in Sahatsakhan district of Kalasin province. The body was earlier taken to Srinagarind Hospital in Khon Kaen for medical examination.

The mother, 33, said that she had divorced from the girl’s father for five years, and acknowledged later that the daughter had been raped by her paternal grandfather.

The mother also mentioned that she had taken her daughter to a hospital in December, and a doctor there had confirmed the girl had an ectopic pregnancy. The girl vomited both food and medicine, she added. Moreover, she said that the doctor had injected a haemagogue to help the girl, but it was useless.

According to the mother, on Friday night her daughter vomited and trembled with pain and eventually died in her embrace.

Meanwhile, Sahatsakhan police have collected evidence in the girl’s case, and they will soon seek an arrest warrant from the local court.


Published : January 16, 2021