Fri, July 01, 2022


Police warn against posting, sharing fake news on April Fool’s Day

People should refrain from posting or sharing fake news over the Internet even on April 1, also known as April Fool’s Day, when it’s a global tradition to tell harmless lies for fun, Crime Suppression Division deputy chief of technology Pol Col Siriwat Deephor said.

“We are living in a pandemic situation where people have easy access to online information, so posting or sharing falsified information especially about Covid-19 could cause panic and is therefore against the law,” he made clear.

“Furthermore, posting or sharing fake news that could cause damage or defame other persons also violates the Computer Crime Act,” he warned.

Section 14 (1) and (2) of the Computer Crime Act 2007 stipulates that if any person imports/uploads forged data, either in whole or in part, to a computer system in a manner that is likely to cause damage to a third party or the public, damage the country’s security or cause public panic, that person will be subject to imprisonment of up to five years or a fine of up to Bt100,000 or both.

Section 14 (5) also stipulates that the dissemination or forwarding of computer data already known to be computer data under (1), (2) will receive the same punishment.

“Please use your discretion and verify the source before posting or sharing any news on the Internet, especially the ones that could cause confusion or public panic,” he added.

Published : April 01, 2021