MGM eyes more Thai tourists visiting Macau


MGM China Holdings, majority owned by MGM Resorts International, one of the world's leading global hospitality companies, is running the first overseas promotional campaign in Thailand with a series of activities from June 13 to 29, 2024 with an aim to attract more visitors from Southeast Asia to visit Macau.

MGM kicked off with the campaign with the “Magnificent Gala Master” dinner event held on 13, and joined hands with Rosewood Bangkok to curate an exquisite dinner menu embodying a fusion of Macau and Thai specialties.

Speaking at the “Magnificent Gala Master” dinner, Pansy Ho, Chairperson and Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited, said that MGM has always upheld the onus to support the Macau government’s efforts in elevating the city's cultural tourism economy on the global stage. Building on the foundations of deep mutual understanding and the upcoming 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand, the future between Thailand and Macau will be bright. 

MGM will continue to champion the unique charms of Macau, transforming it into a world-class international leisure tourism destination that captivates the hearts and minds of travelers near and far.

MGM eyes more Thai tourists visiting Macau

Hubert Wang, MGM's president & chief operating officer said that Thailand represents the largest Southeast Asian market as well as the fastest growing overseas market for MGM. With the convenience of more and more direct flights between Bangkok and Macau and the performances by popular Thai artists at MGM, the number of Thai guests staying at MGM resort brands has grown by nearly 30% compared to the same period last year.

"MGM and Macau have strong appeal to Thai tourists. With our first overseas promotional campaign in Bangkok, we aspire to introduce Thai tourists to MGM’s original arts and entertainment events along with Macau’s distinctive culinary culture. By doing so, we aim to enable them to experience Macau’s diverse appeal as a ‘City of Performing Arts’ and ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’, further promoting its reputation as an international metropolis,” said Wang.

Other activities include MGM Travel Trade Luncheon, and “Macanese Food Promotion”, which centre around the themes of innovation, culinary excellence, and entertainment, underscoring both MGM’s creative entertainment offerings and the unique culinary culture of Macau.

The luncheon event featured MGM’s latest ranges of “tourism+” offerings, such as the upcoming launch of the art museum in MGM MACAU, as well as the residency show MGM 2049 in collaboration with world-acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, scheduled to make its appearance this December, and more.

MGM eyes more Thai tourists visiting Macau

At the luncheon meeting with over 150 representatives from Thailand's tourism sector and media attended, Dr Iwan Dietschi, Senior Vice President of Hospitality at MGM, emphasised that the resorts appeal to Thai travelers with a diverse array of culinary offerings catering to Thai palates. From renowned Chinese delicacies like hotpot and Cantonese dishes to Michelin-starred Sichuan cuisine, MGM aims to provide an authentic taste of Macao's culinary heritage.

“At our MGM macao property, we have a Black Pearl award-winning Imperial Court Cantonese restaurant as well as Michelin-starred Five Foot Road Sichuan restaurant, both options offer elevated regional Chinese dining experiences,” said Dietschi.

Macanese cuisine, a marriage of Portuguese and Chinese cuisines with ingredients and seasonings from Europe, South America, Africa, India and Southeast Asia, offers a truly distinctive taste. This unique culinary heritage reflects centuries of cultural exchange and is a testament to Macao's vibrant and diverse gastronomic scene.

To further promote Macau as a “Creative City of Gastronomy”, MGM rolls out a two-week “Macanese Food Promotion” at Rosewood Bangkok from June 15 to 29, where MGM culinary team led by Chef Ricardo Oliveira joins forces with Florita Alves to bring Macau’s unique Macanese cuisine – also the world's first "fusion" cuisine recognised by UNESCO – to Thailand. 

MGM eyes more Thai tourists visiting Macau

Dietschi said MGM brings in culinary experts from around the globe for diverse events, ensuring a dynamic and never-boring dining experience. This approach not only enhances its culinary offerings but also enriches the skills and creativity of its chefs and kitchen staff.

"We aim to constantly elevate MGM's food and beverage offerings by selecting the right people with the right expertise at the right time. In line with this commitment, we are organising our next MGM x RR1 Culinary Masters event which is scheduled on June 28-30, 2024 featuring six chefs, including representatives from two renowned restaurants in Thailand. This initiative underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence," said Dietschi.

MGM is dedicated to preserving and evolving cultural heritage for future generations by supporting tourism through arts and culture initiatives, including revitalisation efforts in historic areas of Macao, particularly in the Barra area near the A-Ma Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In line with these efforts, MGM will soon introduce a series of "Tourism+" products at both MGM MACAO and MGM COTAI. These initiatives underscore MGM's commitment to creating unique programmes and experiences that highlight the pinnacle of L’Art de Vivre (Art and Culture + Entertainment).

Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of MGTO (Macao Government Tourism Office) said that Thailand is the fifth position among Macao’s top international visitor’s source markets.  More importantly, it shows that in the first five months of the year, Thai visitor arrivals to Macao increased by 203%, compared to the same period last year.

MGM eyes more Thai tourists visiting Macau


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