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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
Yingluck govt had role in 2011 flood: Atthawit

Yingluck govt had role in 2011 flood: Atthawit

SUNDAY, September 25, 2016
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A FORMER DEMOCRAT MP yesterday said he would submit information to the National Anti-Corruption Commission today about alleged water mismanagement by the Yingluck government that was partly to blame for the 2011 flood disaster.

Atthawit Suwannapakdee said he had information and statistics from the period before the House dissolution in May 2011, which showed water storage levels in major dams were relatively normal. 
He said after the Yingluck government took office, |concerned agencies were allegedly instructed to hold water in the dams despite the prospect of Thailand being hit by intense depression and storms.
That resulted in excessive storage of water in the dams, which was later discharged, and was partly to blame for the severe flooding in 2011. 
Atthawit viewed this as water mismanagement, |and speculated that the decision not to reduce the |dam water levels was linked to the government’s rice |policy.