Taiwanese actress to raise Thai extortion allegation with Interpol


The Taiwanese actress who accused Thai police of extorting cash from her and her friends while she was visiting Bangkok earlier this month will raise the issue with the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol), An Yu-Qing wrote on her Instagram page on Friday.

An, who also goes by the name Charlene An, dismissed allegations from police that she was drunk and argumentative at the time of the incident.

An’s explosive allegations of extortion and forced detainment by Thai police have made headlines in Taiwan and beyond.

Responding to the controversy, Metropolitan Police Bureau deputy commissioner Maj-Gen Samroeng Suanthong said he had discussed the incident with the six policemen involved and they insisted they had not taken cash from the tourists.

"The actress appeared drunk and did not have a passport," Samroeng said, adding that the police officers eventually decided to release the group as they were not considered dangerous.

Taiwanese actress to raise Thai extortion allegation with Interpol

She has a clear memory of the police officer who demanded the payment and that other witnesses were at the scene, An said.

The police are just trying to protect themselves by denying her allegations, she said.

"I was threatened," she said, challenging police to release all CCTV footage taken near the checkpoint at the time of the incident.

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