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SUNDAY, December 03, 2023

A giant leap for Thai foods — CP Foods to send chickens to space

A giant leap for Thai foods — CP Foods to send chickens to space
WEDNESDAY, June 21, 2023

CP Foods is venturing into an extraordinary endeavour by sending chickens into space as part of the "Thai Food — Mission to Space" programme.

In collaboration with global partners Nanoracks Llc and mu Space and Advanced Technology Co Ltd, CP Foods aims to improve the safety standards of Thai chicken to meet the strict requirements of space-grade food.

To ensure compliance with rigorous space safety standards, the chickens involved in the project will undergo thorough certification processes, making them suitable for consumption by astronauts. Achieving this milestone, CP Foods said, would solidify its global recognition and demonstrate its commitment to adhering to the demanding Space Food Safety Standards, which align with Nasa's stringent food safety requirements. 

To complement this groundbreaking initiative, CP Foods will host the "Thai Food - Mission to Space" forum. The event will bring together international experts, including former Nasa astronaut Michael Massimino and former Nasa food scientist Vickie Kloeris, along with individuals from scientific, medical, and livestock development sectors. The forum aims to discuss the significance of meeting space standards for Thai food, the innovative transformations in the Thai livestock industry, and the future implications for the sector.

A giant leap for Thai foods — CP Foods to send chickens to space

Prasit Boondoungprasert, CEO of CP Foods, emphasised the company's commitment to the safety and quality of its chicken meat. By striving to meet Space Food Safety Standards, CP Foods aims to position itself among the world's most trusted meat brands, he said.

The CEO assured that CP Foods would subject their chickens to meticulous safety and quality checks, including inspections for residues and contaminants as per Nasa's requirements.

Massimino highlighted the importance of residue-free and safe food for astronauts, considering its long-term impact on their health. 

A giant leap for Thai foods — CP Foods to send chickens to space

Kloeris urged CP Foods to adhere to strict safety and nutritional standards, and ensure that their chicken were free from antibiotics, chemical residue, and harmful pathogens. She said the initiative would not only promote the well-being of astronauts, but also elevate global food safety standards and enhance the reputation of Thai chicken meat as a reputable brand.

Kloeris, drawing from her extensive experience as a Nasa food scientist, highlighted the need for the highest level of food safety, balanced nutrition, and contamination-free provisions for astronauts. She praised CP Foods' chicken meat production standards, especially its raising of chickens without antibiotics and hormones, ensuring compliance with Nasa's food safety requirements.

A giant leap for Thai foods — CP Foods to send chickens to space

The first menu that will be launched into space will be a Thai favourite dish called “Thai Holy Basil with Chicken”.

When asked what Thai dishes a former Nasa astronaut would have liked to see in space after experiencing Thai cuisine, Massimino said "Chicken Pad Thai" and "Thai Coconut Chicken" soup would be great additions.

CP Foods' foray into space is seen as a redefining of global food industry standards, enhancing the international reputation of Thai cuisine.