Bangkok taxi fares to start rising from today


Bangkok passengers can expect the cost of taxi rides to start rising from today as the new fare structure comes into effect.

The Transport Ministry updated Bangkok taxi fares with an announcement published in the Royal Gazette on Thursday.

However, fares will increase gradually as taxi drivers must first apply for meter adjustment and verification from the Department of Land Transport (DLT).

The DLT is offering this service to all Bangkok taxi drivers at Bang Sue Grand Station from January 16 to 28.

"The meter adjustment and verification are available at the station from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm," said Piya Yoma, DLT Passenger Transport Bureau director.

The flag-fall for ordinary taxis remains at 35 baht but the fare for subsequent kilometres has been increased by 1 baht.

The new fares for metered taxis in Bangkok are as follows:

• 6.5 baht/km for kilometres 2-10

• 7 baht/km for kilometres 11-20

• 8 baht/km for kilometres 21-40

• 8.5 baht/km for kilometres 41-60

• 9 baht/km for kilometres 61-80 (unchanged)

• 10.50 baht/km for kilometres 81 and above (unchanged)

The charge for traffic congestion and when the vehicle travels at less than 6km/hour has been increased by 1 baht to 3 baht per minute.

Call taxis will cost an additional 20 baht in service fees, while taxis to and from Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports will cost an additional 50 baht.

Also, the flag-fall for large cabs will rise to 40 baht.

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