Fake eggs from China is fake news, says livestock dept


The Department of Livestock Development has denied rumours that fake eggs from China are flooding Thai markets, saying that Thailand has enough supply of eggs that it does not need to import them.

Manufacturing artificial eggs is probably more expensive than traditional egg farming, the department added.

The department was responding to a video clip circulating on social media. It shows the process of making a delicacy called “century eggs” in a factory in China.

The department said the video only showed the process of making salted and preserved eggs, but some viewers might misunderstand and think they were artificial eggs that could be entering Thai markets to meet high demand during Chinese New Year.

Fake eggs from China is fake news, says livestock dept

The department advised consumers to buy eggs from reliable stores or look for the “Livestock OK” sticker, which is given to farmers who pass the Good Agricultural Practice system and meet the department’s safety standards.

“Always check the expiration date before buying fresh eggs, and keep them at the temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, ideally in the egg compartment of your fridge, especially when you don’t plan to use them all in a few days,” the department said.