Cabinet presses ignition on Thailand’s 15-year space masterplan


The Cabinet on Tuesday approved Thailand’s 15-year masterplan for space development, which will tap Nasa expertise.

Ministers gave the green light to the National Space Master Plan 2023-2037 and the National Communication Satellite Policy to drive forward the Thai space industry with concrete measures, said deputy government spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek.

The National Space Master Plan will guide development of a space economy for national security, prosperity and sustainability. These mission goals will be achieved through research, development and promotion of space security, economy, industry, innovation, technology, and exploration, according to the masterplan.

Among the eight strategies listed in the masterplan is international cooperation. Thailand’s space agency Gistda is already cooperating with US counterpart Nasa on projects including the northern space lab in Chiang Rai.

Cabinet presses ignition on Thailand’s 15-year space masterplan

Meanwhile, under the National Communication Satellite Policy, the government will procure and own at least one communication satellite, to be operated by the National Telecom (NT) state enterprise. The satellite will be run for public services, security and commerce, but not in competition with any private companies, said Ratchada.

Currently the government uses communication channels from the Thaicom 6 and 7 satellites, operated by Thaicom Plc and Asia Satellite Telecommunications, respectively, as well as renting satellite channels from foreign operators.

Under the National Communication Satellite Policy, NT must complete an in-depth survey on usage needs of this satellite within three years.