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WEDNESDAY, December 06, 2023

Behind these great K9s in Germany, there’s a Thai woman | The Nation

FRIDAY, March 17, 2023

A dog is man's best friend, and in times of distress these K9s can also become our heroes. Meet the only Thai woman who works as a K9 volunteer rescue handler in Germany.

This is Noy Inderwies, who lives in Germany. She trains her dogs as part of a K9 rescue team, whose task is to search for missing people in her town.
Noy tells us of her experience training as a K9 handler in Germany, and the language barrier that posed a challenge to her.

"At first, I wondered if I could be as great as them, but I was very persevering. There was also a language barrier because the test was in their language, they didn’t take it in English, it was only in German."

Noy Inderwise, K9 Handler, The Nation  

After the recent earthquake in Turkey, rescue dogs have gained much attention and praise for their work.

But Thailand has a problem, In rescue missions or the case of a missing person, it can take up to three days for the authorities to call in K9 units for help.

Dog training, Thailand The number of fully trained K9 dogs is not even close to a 100, and the scent is lost quickly in Thailand’s hot and humid weather compared to cold climate countries, which makes it difficult for these K9s to have a successful mission in Thailand

Group of K9 volunteer rescue teams, Thailand When not searching for a specific person in the forest, the dog will notify whoever they find in the forest. Handlers will then go and ask if it's that person. If yes, we will report back to the authorities.

There are many types of K9 dogs, trailing in forests, buildings, trailing for a specific person, and marine K9s too.

Noy, along with her group of K9 volunteer rescue teams, showed us the different types of rescue missions along with their training.