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What the West fears most: Friendship between India and China 

Jul 04. 2018
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Re: “Poor cousin India losing Nepal to rich neighbour China”, Opinion & Analysis, July 3.

The Wall Street Journal’s S Dhume claims that: “Compared with China, however, India remains a bastion of free speech, minority rights and judicial independence.”

It’s true that freedom of speech is much better in India than in China. But in the real world, we all know that “untouchables” in India have nearly zero rights compared to members of the high caste. They are insulted and raped with impunity and get little or no chance of an education or decent earnings. But in China, the incidence of rape is near zero. And minorities have equal or better privileges than the majority Han, who number more than one billion. Minorities can have more than one child, the Han cannot. Even renowned film producer Zhang Yimou, who also designed the Olympics opening ceremony, was fined millions of yuan for having an extra child. Minorities also have quotas to study at university.

The farang have successfully used their “divide and rule” strategy to cause conflict in Asian countries. I hope Indian Prime Minister Modi is smart enough to see through this trick and forge more friendly cooperation with his neighbours, especially Pakistan and China, to build a prosperous Asia. One special talent of the Indian people is in software; team up with Chinese computer expertise and they could make the Western world obsolete.

Prasan Stianrapapongs

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