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Trump is the ‘second coming’ for salvation of Western civilisation

Jun 13. 2019
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Re: “British people weren’t fooled by ‘Don the conman’”, Have Your Say.

Typically presumptuous, the writer has decided where I live. Perhaps it’s beyond his parochial “independent thinking” that The Nation is available to the whole world.

He states, “The capacity for independent thought was very much in evidence on the streets of London.” There was no “independent thought” in the mob parroting the same groundless nonsense they’d been programmed to repeat. When questioned by an independent thinker they simply continued chanting the anti-Trump nonsense their Alinski Globalist masters had taught them. They were much the same mob that blocked the Thames bridges in April, claiming in their desperate ignorance that CO2 from burning fossil fuels is destroying life on Earth. Science shows us that the more CO2 we have, the greener the planet. 

President Donald Trump has policies which he executes with positive results for the US, its people and also the salvation of Western civilisation. His opposition have no policies save for Saul Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals”. Alinski wrote, in essence, that debate and argument are a waste of time. Beat the opposition by continuous, relentless personal attacks using invented lies. Alinski is the Globalists’ Obama and also Hillary Clinton’s guru. Fortunately the real people capable of “independent thought” are now tired of this viral insanity while the slower-programmed minds remain in the chicken run.

JC Wilcox

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