Fri, November 26, 2021


Phuket police find foreigner seen riding bike without mask and showing middle finger

Phuket police have found a foreigner who was riding a bike without wearing a mask after video of him went viral.

Phuket Immigration police received information from a whistleblower that some foreigners were riding motorcycles without wearing helmets and masks in Wichit subdistrict in Muang district. They coordinated with local agencies and found the man on Saturdayay to warn him about a THB20,000 fine if he does not wear a mask.

The video was posted on Facebook with the caption “ignorant foreigner doesn’t wear helmet and mask. He also went through a red light. Most importantly, he lifted his middle finger at me and abused me in his native tongue after I honked at him for driving at 40km/hr in the middle lane. Thank God, I didn’t bring my wife and kids with me.”

The post received a lot of attention, as Thailand is facing a renewed virus crisis.

Published : May 09, 2021

By : The Nation