Thu, January 20, 2022


If you go out in public, attend events, you may have to prove you’re vaccinated

News that the Public Health Ministry is preparing to issue a rule requiring people to show evidence of at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose while out in public or attending events is indeed true, the Anti-Fake News Centre said on Wednesday.

The ministry’s permanent secretary has said that there are four risk factors – reopening the country, restarting classes at schools, relaxing eating and drinking rules for restaurants and gathering for various activities.

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration would like to encourage more target groups to come forward for vaccinations and may increase various incentive measures.

They may consider asking residents to furnish proof of at least one dose of vaccination when they carry out public activities or attend events, for the safety of everyone.

The overall Covid-19 situation in Thailand is likely to improve, the permanent secretary said, but added that there are still new infections cropping up in some areas, including prisons, among fishermen, construction camps, military training camps, markets and at religious ceremonies.

Published : November 17, 2021