Fri, January 28, 2022


Health Ministry may recommend third jab or booster sooner if Omicron gets out of control

If the Omicron variant spreads in the country and the situation threatens to spiral out of control, booster vaccination shots may be necessary while the period between doses will have to be reduced, Deputy Public Health Minister Satit Pitutecha said on Thursday.

But, he said, the rate of infection is not clear enough right now to conclude that the government will change its vaccination policy.

It has been found that countries with high rates of infection are those with low or poor vaccination rates, Satit pointed out.

He said that he personally feels mass immunity might not help in the case of Omicron. Therefore, the first and second doses of vaccines need to be 90 per cent effective from the current 70 per cent to prevent severe symptoms or death.

Published : December 02, 2021