Sat, May 28, 2022


Minister sees opportunity for Thai workers in Saudi Arabia’s hiring plans

Thailand and Saudi Arabia will strengthen cooperation in labour and Riyadh is seeking foreign support in tourism management, Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said after bilateral discussions with Ahmad bin Sulaiman Alrajhi, Saudi Minister of Human Resources.

This is an opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs, as well as skilled and semi-skilled workers to participate, Suchart said.

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Human Resources is aiming to hire some 8 million good, skilled workers from different countries. Thailand can participate in and would like labour cooperation to occur as soon as possible, especially for service sector workers, in hotels, health and the construction industry, he said.

As for the quality of life and welfare of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, there will be the E-Contract Program, which is an electronic contract that aims to protect workers' rights and reduce conflicts between employees and employers. The Labour Mobility Initiative programme will allow workers to move freely to increase flexibility, build efficiency and the ability to be active in the labour market.

As of December 2021, there were 1,345 Thai workers working in Saudi Arabia. Most of the Thai workers travelling to work are escorted by employers and have a re-entry work permit.

Positions that Thai workers travel to work include welders, technicians, mechanics, factory workers, machine operators, workers producing general products, assistant cooks, maids, etc.

Published : January 26, 2022