Wed, August 10, 2022


SC Asset invades Metaverse world, lays out 100-billion baht revenue plan

SC Asset Corporation Pcl has announced its business plan for the year 2022 through the Metaverse format.

Company chief executive officer Nuttaphong Kunakornwong spoke to the media through the avatar to reveal the road map for achieving total revenue of around 100 billion baht over the next four years.

SC and its group companies have 78 development projects for sale, worth 69 billion baht, with a horizontal and high-rise ratio of 70:30. They also have a 11.5-billion baht budget to invest in new land plots this year to support continued growth through 2025.

Nuttaphong said that this year there will be a variety of innovations that create value and connect solutions to people and the environment, such as active airflow and air quality control, EV charger, RueJai App 3.0, as well as the launch of prototypes of “House for Gamers” and new design series of “Work from Home” functions.

Regarding Metaverse itself, he finds it refreshing to test a new thing. However, he suggested that Metaverse needed a good money source and software investment because it also has a real physical latency on a person's avatar.

However, he believes that in the next five years, Metaverse will be an indispensable technology trend for businesses. If consumers are found to have positive feedback behaviour with the benefits applied to the marketing of the real estate business, there may be buying-selling houses through the Metaverse version as well. Currently, there is no direct investment plan.

Published : February 11, 2022