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Wall built to protect Ayutthaya historical sites from flooding

Ayutthaya local authorities and officers from the Ayutthaya Historical Park have built a flood defence wall to prevent damage to archaeological sites.

The director of Ayutthaya Historical Park, Sukanya Bua-nerd, said the Fine Arts Department had sent more than 100 officers to help build the wall using sandbags to protect the ancient Ayutthaya city wall at Pom Petch Fort. The water level of the Chao Phraya River rose significantly as more water was discharged from the Chao Phraya Dam.

Wall built to protect Ayutthaya historical sites from flooding

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Sukanya said part of the Pom Petch Fort is in a low-lying area on the riverbank and the high floodwater level may damage the old city wall. Officers have built a 60-centimetre high flood defence wall for protection, he said.
Ayutthaya Mayor Somsong Samphakosonkul said all five water gates of Ayutthaya City Island were ready to be used to prevent flooding and he was confident that there will be no flooding in Ayutthaya City Island.
Ayutthaya Historical Park is registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Published : October 09, 2017

By : The Nation