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Mercedes to end services to grey vehicles

Jul 19. 2012
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Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Ltd announced today that the company and its authorised dealers will no longer provide after sales services and warranty to grey vehicles of model year 2013 and after, citing the technological complexity of new models which requir



 It said that this is the second phase of it major after-sales service policy change towards grey (officially called Parallel Imported (PI)) vehicles.

 The implementation of an adoption fee for warranty claims of such vehicles in August 2011 marked the first step to the transition to a new handling in the authorised Mercedes-Benz After Sales network. With the introduction of the model year 2013 this process moves to the next step, which brings along significant changes for grey vehicle buyers.

 "We adhere to the reliability, honesty and excellence of our service in order to maintain consumer’s confidence in the Mercedes-Benz brand. All our cars have undergone comprehensive inspection by certified Mercedes-Benz technicians to assure our customers with the foreseeable advantages of buying from an authorized dealer. We will continue to put our relentless effort to raise the standards of our after-sales service because driving safety has always been and will always be a key mission at Mercedes-Benz," said Alexander Paufler, president & CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand).

 In a statement, the company said that this policy applies without any exception, and includes basic services such as engine oil changing and general maintenance as well as warranty claims. Thus the process of adoption fee to maintain warranty or service rights will be ceased. Affected cars are PI vehicles of model year 2013, or in other words those with a production date starting between June and September 2012 and afterwards. The exact manufacturing date for each model can be inspected by our authorized dealers nationwide.

 It added that the policy changes are implemented to extend the service quality for Mercedes-Benz cars in Thailand and to protect the prestigious brand image. Starting with model year 2013, the company will introduce many new technologies that require extensive training of the service of the authorized dealers and a direct access to know-how and certified machinery by the Daimler Group. The authorised dealers have to ensure a constant investment in training and equipment. Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) is committed to provide ideal service to their customers. This requires a consistent update of product information which is generally not available for Parallel Imported vehicles. As a result, the company can only guarantee the high quality and specialized After Sales Service at the official Mercedes-Benz Dealer Network.

 PI vehicles of model year 2012 and before keep their right of receiving professional and customised after sales at the official dealer network. This policy will also have no effect to those who have already been accepted for warranty by paying the adoption fee.

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