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New filmmaking joint venture announced

Dec 29. 2015
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GMM Grammy and Hub Ho Hin Bangkok yesterday announced a new venture to carry on in the spirit of GMM Tai Hub (GTH) by producing quality movies before the curtain comes down tomorrow on the 11-year existence of the most successful maker of Thai films, GTH.


The new chapter will begin on January 5 with the brand-new "GDH 559", with registered capital of Bt150 million. Music and entertainment conglomerate GMM Grammy has a 51-per-cent stake, while Hub Ho Hin Bangkok has 15 per cent. The remaining 34 per cent is shared by 59 employees and executives.

Jina Osothsilp, chief executive officer of GDH 559, said the company would still have almost the same large pool of talented artists, producers, film directors, screenwriters and scriptwriters as GTH.

Full range

Busaba Daoruang, president of GDH 559 and CEO of GMM Grammy, said this would fulfil the latter’s role in producing a full range of entertainment content from music, TV programmes and movies to concerts and show business.

"We agreed to share ownership with artists and production crews and other executives because this approach would help encourage the sense of belonging to all involved," Busaba said.

Jina said she expected the new company to produce at least two Thai movies in 2016 – a thriller and a romantic drama – with a total of investment of Bt100 million.

The creative team consisting of veteran film producer Jira Maligool and Yongyoot Thongkongtoon would prefer to focus on producing quality films and TV programmes.

GDH 559 will continue to back GMM Grammy’s digital TV channel GMM25 with projects titled "Diary of Tootsies", "Gasohug Rak Tem Tank", "I See U", and "Malee 2".

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