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Scania announces achievement in 2017, and business direction for 2018 

Scania has hosted “Scania Top Team Thailand 2018”, with an aim to increase customer profitability by focuses on after sales service and effective technology for sustainable transport.



According to its press release, Scania revealed successful business result for 2017 with 30 per cent growth for trucks and bus chassis sales of 609 vehicles and for this year, the direction will focus mainly on customer satisfaction by hosting the event “Scania Top Team Thailand 2018.”
This will help the service personnel enhance and increase their skills and knowledge, professionalism and teamwork, and using Fleet Management System and Scania Maintenance with Flexible Plans to maximize the customers’ fleet for sustainable profits in the transportation business.
Stefan Dorski, managing director of Scania Siam said, “although the market overview for trucks and buses in 2017 has decreased, but sales volume of Scania in Thailand was close to 30 per cent growth in total, which are 24 per cent growth for trucks and 27 per cent growth for Scania buses.
The total registered was 609 units included 472 trucks and 137 buses. Furthermore, the after sales service had 25 per cent growth which considered as a good sign for customer’s satisfaction with our service.
Dorski said there are three factors that make Scania grows tremendously. The first is the team which everyone focuses on customer service by strengthening the team with the knowledge to be able to take care of customers in terms of care and maintenance, to increase the efficiency of customer’s fleet and reduce break down.
The second is quality which Scania engine is featured for fuel economy, durability, user-friendly, and environmentally friendly and the third is repair and maintenance contract which serves each customer very well.
And later this year, Scania is ready to officially launch truck and chassis assembly plants in Thailand to support the growing number of Scania buses in the market.”
“This year, Scania will be expanding a network branch to support the growing number of Scania in the Samut Sakhon market.  Sales forecast in year 2018 for trucks is 650 units and buses is 140 units. The after sales services is still the main focus since everything starts from customers, so Scania is determined that each purchase should meet the customer’s objective as much as possible. Scania wants to enhance skills, professionalism, and teamwork management for the service personnel so they can take a good care of customers by hosting “Scania Top Team Thailand”, a competition-like training program, and combines it with smart technology like Fleet Management System and Scania 
According to the press release, Phuriwat Rak-Intr, retail operations director of Scania Siam said that the Scania Top Team event, which is the tenth such event at the international level, is the competition for the after sales team to analyze and solve problems for Scania.
The activity aims to improve the skills of Scania service personnel and to increase their knowledge about products, the right way to use tools and measure the performance of the technician team.
Also, the practice of skills and technology, professionalism, and teamwork are necessary elements for customer service to reach the ultimate goal for Scania training worldwide, which is to provide quality and fast service to maximize customers’ uptime. Moreover, the Scania Top Team plays an important role in promoting workplace safety skill and reducing environment issues.
He continued that the event “Scania Top Team” was participated by around 8,000 participants from 70 countries. Each country will have theoretical and practical tests. For Thailand, we have 14 teams from all over the country and only 5 teams can compete in the final round. The competition held on 20th January to find the best team to represent our country in the regional round in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this September, and the final round in Sweden this December. The Scania Top Team from Thailand is expected to win the big prize from Sweden to set the standard for the company’s development.
Sathit Riyatanon, after sales service director of Scania Siam said, “this year Scania is ready to serve customers with Fleet Management System (FMS) which allow customers to know each vehicle whereabouts, fuel consumption rate and the driver's behaviour. These data will be analyzed and used to improve driving efficiency. When help is needed, Scania can get the information from the vehicle in order to prepare the right tools and parts for quick repair and maintenance, so that the vehicles can minimize downtime as much as possible.

Published : January 31, 2018