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CRYPTOCURRENCY Robo advisers for coin investors 

Feb 15. 2018
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Cryptovation has joined force with London-listed financial holding company Asia Wealth Group to introduce coin - CryptovationX ICO (CXO) which allows coin investors to use three robo-advisers of CrytovationX for coin investment.

“In the current trend towards a cashless society, cryptocurrency is a digital currency designed to encode and distribute to other parts without a centre and control from any groups, so-called blockchain which gathers information into blocks and scatters it for connection like chains. The price of cryptocurrency depends on people's need at the moment, not from the economy or the outside world," a spokesman for Cryptovation said. 

The planned proceeds through the coin will be used to finance research and development of platform and robo-advisory for more efficiency and some of the proceeds will be used to establish the company's fund through robo-advisers. 

The company has three robo-advisers: Arbi for knowledge, signs and trade on arbitrage, Specto for signs of speculation and speculative trade; and Broca for applying for exchanges and screening initial coil offering (ICO). 


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