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THURSDAY, February 02, 2023
Manufacturer, distributor of MG cars promotes electric vehicles

Manufacturer, distributor of MG cars promotes electric vehicles

WEDNESDAY, May 15, 2019

SAIC Motor-CP Co Ltd and MG Sales (Thailand) Co Ltd, the manufacturer and distributor of MG cars in Thailand, held “EVolution of Automotive” – a seminar centred on Thailand’s readiness for the use of battery electric vehicles (BEV)s.

Seven automotive experts and scholars from government agencies and private corporations illustrated progress, direction and possibilities to enhance the Thai automotive industry with the production and distribution of vehicles equipped with advanced, alternative technologies designed to boost both the environment and quality of life. 
Pongsak Lertruedeewattanavong, vice [resident of MG Sales (Thailand), said: “Global communities today are prioritising next-generation vehicles that are developed to alleviate escalating air pollution and enhance the quality of life. BEVs specifically are recognised as eco-friendly vehicles as they do not emit carbon dioxide – a notorious cause of the greenhouse effect and smog. The use of electric motor vehicles also means that noise pollution will be notably decreased. The governments of many countries are promoting the ownership of BEVs and 1.26 million units were delivered last year, 74 per cent more than 2017. With this continuous delivery, 20 million EV units should be on the streets across the globe by the end of next year. 
“Thailand is on the way of completely transforming its mobility landscape by phasing out fossil fuel vehicles and introducing next-generation vehicle platforms specifically hybrid vehicles [HEVs] and plug-in hybrids [PHEVs]. The next promising step for Thai automotive society is BEVs, which may be known by many consumers based on news releases about them in Thailand as well as overseas. Additionally, significant investments in BEVs, including supportive programmes from the government, are not far-fetched in terms of current progress. 
“Some of the privileges for eligible manufacturers under BOI’s funding programmes are an exemption of legal person tax as well as importing tariff for parts and components. BEVs assembled by these manufacturers are also entitled to a three-year special vehicle excise exemption period.
“Moreover, expansion of public chargers operated by both private and public sectors are usual nowadays as they are preparing for a notable increase of next-gen vehicles especially BEVs. All of these can be noted as accomplishments complementing a goal to cultivate a fruitful ecosystem of next-gen vehicles in Thailand,” Pongsak said.