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Samyan Mitrtown, KBank join for 24-hour co-learning space

Aug 20. 2019
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Samyan Mitrtown has teamed up with KBank for “Samyan CO-OP”, a 24-hour co-learning space that is open to the public free of charge.

Equipped with a while range of modern conveniences, including a sophisticated security system, the 1,400-square metre learning space, unmatched in look and feel by any other co-learning space, caters to all types of patrons.

Piyawan Soinoi, director of Samyan CO-OP at Goldenland Property Development PLC (Goldenland), management of the project, said, “Samyan Mitrtown collaborated with KasikornBank (KBank) to open “Samyan CO-OP”, a new-style, 24-hour co-learning space set in a 1,400-square metre area spanning over the second and third floors. It covers 30 per cent of Samyan Mitrtown’s 24-hour retail zone that has a gross floor area of 5,000 square metres.

It features leisure and conference facilities including a central area, meeting and activity rooms, all under 24-hour CCTV surveillance. The co-learning space has a seating capacity for 500 with sufficient power outlets and wi-fi connectivity for all users. The high-tech security system provides total protection with mandated identity verification via the learning space’s proprietary app or website. Entry to the area is by QR code scanning.

“W had conducted a survey of customer demands and found that our target group has diverse lifestyle needs that have to be satisfied. The space is designed to provide 24-hour service to meet the preferences of the new generation. Visitors using Samyan CO-OP include university students and working people. It’s an area where people can come to work, enjoy reading, or meet colleagues for a group session. We wanted to create Samyan CO-OP as a learning community,” Piyawan said.

Samyan CO-OP places great importance on learning and promoting related activities. We have joined forces with content partners to co-organise activities in the premises, including Lukkid Co Ltd and Hacker House Institute. We expect Samyan CO-OP to receive 2,500 visitors daily, making up 10 per cent of the overall customer traffic to Samyan Mitrtown which aims to attract 25,000 daily.”

Thitiporn Sirisrisakunchai, head of Innovative Business Management at Kasikornbank, said the concept of the Samyan Mitrtown project revolves around building a shopping mall that offers new and different experience, not just purely commercial services. 

“Our bank has confidence in the management of Goldenland that’s been recognised for a number of real estate projects which have benefited the society and the local community. Thus, the bank partnered with Samyan Mitrtown to create Samyan CO-OP. The new-style co-learning space – located right in the heart of Bangkok – is close to educational institutions. It aims to satisfy the new generation’s lifestyle needs in the digital age where their preferences are shifting. The learning space is a great place to read books, prepare for an exam, exchange or share ideas among friends or colleagues or just join in a meeting. We will be organising activities in the facility." he said. 

Samyan CO-OP is well positioned to serve patrons of all kinds and ages in the interests of educational, personal development and learning. 

It also houses a KBank the Office Space, our staff’s workplace, to offer more convenience and flexibility, Thitiporn said.

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