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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Bangkok Bank unveils Be 1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay debit cards

Bangkok Bank unveils Be 1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay debit cards

THURSDAY, September 26, 2019
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Bangkok Bank is partnering with Rabbit-LINE Pay to come up with the “Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay” debit card that will link to online payment options.

Shoke Na Ranong, the executive vice president of BBL’s credit card division, on Thursday said that with young people preferring to making payments online, the bank has decided to join Rabbit LINE Pay so that they could enjoy both online and offline options.
“The aim is to ensure that customers can conveniently and confidently complete all their financial transactions, such as transfers and withdrawals, via the Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay card or via e-transactions through the Thai Payment Network [TPN] or UnionPay,” Shoke said.
Sudrutai Thongsong, the senior vice president of BBL’s consumer product development under consumer banking, said the BBL–RLP cooperation will enable the bank to offer new financial services that match customer demand and lifestyle.
“This is also a good opportunity for the bank to expand its customer base into the new generation, which is more used to completing transactions online. And this is also a step towards a cashless society,” she said.
Jin Woo Lee, the CEO of Rabbit-LINE Pay, said the tie-up is an important step for the programme to maintain its leadership in the area of mobile payment services. This is the first time that the company has developed a payment system that supports TPN UnionPay accounts, as well as BBL branches nationwide.
"This cooperation strengthens our standing in the ‘Young Gen’ customer base, and we are confident that we will receive a good response. I believe the new debit cards will make transactions more convenient and help meet the lifestyle needs of customers. This is part of the drive to achieving a cashless society," Lee said.
RLP has around 6.5 million customers and is accepted in more than 60,000 shops nationwide, which is planned to be expanded to 100,000 shops across Thailand by the end of this year.