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TBank puts its ThanachartDrive message on BTS carriages

Thanachart Bank will promote its auto hire-purchase brand ThanachartDrive by wrapping seven BTS trains in new vinyl livery bearing the brand’s name and formally launching them from the Mo Chit BTS station.



The “Drive Spirit” event will also see the platforms painted orange and decorated with 200-metre banners.
“The objective is to show that the bank’s services are in line with today’s consumer lifestyles, build brand awareness and reaffirm our commitment to the ‘Drive-Your-Progress’ mission,” said Pompet Rasanon, executive vice president of sales network, automotive lending. 
“TBank stands ready to help customers achieve every target in all areas. It is confident it can help everyone reach their goals. If life is a journey, each individual will have a different finish line in their dream. It might be family happiness, self-actualisation or a business that helps a lot of people,” he said. 
“ThanachartDrive believes a vehicle is not just a thing used for transporting people from one place to another, but it also represents the progress achieved on the journey. We chose the word ‘Drive’ since, apart from meaning ‘going in a particular direction’, it means ‘a motivation that prompts us to achieve desired results’. 
“We want to send consumers a message that the Drive Spirit represents our determination to help all customer groups reach their targets. Regardless of whether the ones who see and are aware of the event are planning to purchase a car or are already TBank customers or would like to expand business by using the cars they are driving as capital for the expansion, we’re prepared to help them get the best experience possible from using a comprehensive range of loans.”
ThanachartDrive makes available products and services that meet all types of needs. These include New Car Hire Purchase, Used Car Hire Purchase and Cash Your Car. 
The strengths lie in ThanachartDrive Privileges for car hire-purchase customers, the Web-based Bluebook of information about median prices for used cars, and the Academy established for training sales teams. 
The objective of the academy is to produce strong sales teams that can help customers reach their targets. Training courses are also available for enhancing competitiveness among TBank’s trading partners. 
TBank further has a digital platform as well as an Automotive Lending Digital Experience system to ensure customer convenience from the beginning to the end, including the loan application, approval-status monitoring, account detail checking and easy submission of supporting documents.

Published : November 21, 2019

By : The Nation