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Central Pattana waives rents of retailers closed under order  

Central Pattana Plc will waive the rental fees of retailers ordered to close temporarily by the government as a measure to curb spread of the Covid-19 contagion. At the same rime, the company has launched some necessary services for customers, including food delivery & take-home pick up counters and drive-throughs , while supermarkets , pharmacies and convenient stores in its properties stay open. 



The company will join government relief efforts for all sectors affected by the ongoing crisis . To keep its business operation uninterrupted, the company is formulating a recovery plan which will apply when the situation returns to normal, to ensure the return of investment for stakeholders. Central Pattana would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all medical personnel and relevant authorities for their dedication in this trying time. 
Below is excepts from a statement by Preecha Ekkunakul, President and CEO of Central Pattana Plc : 
" As Covid -19 continues to spread more rapidly and the situation gets more severe, everyone needs to work together and support one another in a concerted effort to slow down the pace of this unprecedented pandemic. Central Pattana, together with all members of our corporate families nationwide, will endeavour to overcome this challenge, and emerge even more stronger together.
We and our partners have an important duty to ensure that our customers continue to have access to essential products and services, as well as to proactively keeping up preventive measures for the safety of our customers, partners and employees in all our shopping centers nationwide.
In compliance with the authorities’ mandate to have people stay at home, refrain from traveling and avoid social gatherings, we have temporarily closed our shopping centers in Bangkok, and in some provinces. Nevertheless, we have been working closely with our partners to make sure that essential products and services continue to be accessible to our customers.

1. Care for our customers
Providing necessary services to ensure that daily lives continue by keeping open supermarkets and essential services such as banks, pharmacies and convenience stores, and by allocating space and helping our food & beverage partners organise food pick-up and delivery service. We have also set up call centers, pick-up counters and drive-through pick-up points to enhance convenience and safety for our customers.

2. Care for our partners
We have closely collaborated with our partners to handle the rapidly-changing situation while ensuring that we are open to provide services to customers. We have alleviated the burden of our partners by waiving the rents, during the temporary closure period, of retailers who were ordered by the authorities to close and offering rent discounts of 10-50 per cent for stores that are still open, and in addition, we are providing support to retail stores in the form of ‘Pick Up & Delivery' as well as preparing a business plan for the return of service once this crisis is over.

3. Care for employees
We look after our employees, both on the front lines and in the support teams. We have taken stringent preventive measures and workplace hygiene for our employees' safety and have rolled out remote working policy to let some of our employees work from home to help control the spread of the disease. We have also provided special health insurance coverage specifically for Covid-19 for all of our employees.

4. Maintain continuity of business operation
We are confident that with complete cooperation from all parties, we will overcome this challenge together. We are ready to support every business to resume normal operations and to help coordinate government aids for all sectors affected.
As for ourselves, we have implemented measures to reduce our operating costs, and to provide guidelines for our team to reduce the impact on the company.

Published : March 26, 2020

By : The Nation