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New collaboration created to help start-ups achieve success

Kingsford Securities, To Exit (2Ext) and Kudun and Partners (KAP) are getting together to take on the role of advisers to help start-ups on their journey to success.

With start-ups playing an integral role in Thailand’s economic growth thanks to their innovation and competitiveness, each of the parties in the collaboration can use their distinct expertise to help them.

Kingsford Securities, for instance, can use its experience in the securities market to provide financial advice, while consulting firm 2Ext can take on the role of a start-up adviser, and law firm KAP can provide advice on law and the rules and regulations governing business.

Woranun Thaworanun, managing director and chief of investment banking at Kingsford Securities, said: “One of the most challenging aspects for Thai start-ups is funding. Funding is always the most important recipe for the business. Kingsford Securities is part of this collaboration as a financial adviser to strengthen and grow start-ups. Our collaboration understands entrepreneurs and their start-ups well. We will make sure their talent meets commercial success.”

Nicky Nattanuch, managing director of 2Ext, said: “2Ext is poised to help start-ups tackle obstacles from different dimensions. We have prioritised our services for early and growth-stage start-ups because of the belief in our motto that the ‘first step matters’. We provide full services to start-ups from inception, pitching, investors matching, financial advisory, fundraising to investment advice such as deals sourcing and due diligence. With our expertise and knowledge in Southeast Asian start-ups ecosystem, the 2Ext team is confident of playing a crucial part in our collaboration with Kingsford Securities and KAP.”

Troy Schooneman, partner and chief of KAP’s start-ups advisory group, added: “This collaboration grew from our mutual passion to act as a one-stop service provider, acting as a coaching partner and mentor to entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of their start-up journey so they can identify and avoid common mistakes, implement business strategies and structures to get their start-up through difficult times and maximise their chances of success.”

The advisers are holding their first start-up seminar, "Ready, Get Set and Go!", on September 17 at the Gaysorn Urban Resort in Gaysorn Tower.

Featured in the meeting will be the co-founder of Omise, a successful unicorn, Ezra Don Harinsut, Woranun from Kingsford Securities, Nicky from 2Ext and Kongkoch Yongsavasdikul, a key partner of KAP.

Visit the Kudun and Partners Facebook page or email Worakanya Chaisorn, assistant marketing manager of KAP ([email protected]) for more information.

Published : September 09, 2020

By : The Nation