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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Electricity bills will be 2.89 satang per unit cheaper in first quarter of 2021

Electricity bills will be 2.89 satang per unit cheaper in first quarter of 2021

THURSDAY, November 05, 2020
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The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has decided to further reduce fuel tariff for electricity generation from January to April next year by 15.32 satang from the 12.43 satang reduction put in place from September to December this year, said Khomkrit Tantrawanich, secretary-general and spokesperson of ERC.

“This will make electricity bills cheaper by 2.89 satang per unit, which means, each unit of electricity will cost Bt3.61 during that period,” he said.
Electricity bills are normally revised every four months in line with the movement of fuel prices, baht exchange rate and consumption.
“The ERC has been keeping the fuel tariff rate stable for several months to ease people’s financial burden despite the rising price of liquid natural gas [LNG] due to increased global demand,” he said.
“However, ERC’s policy of importing LNG from the spot market, which is cheaper than gas extracted from the Gulf of Thailand, has helped bring down the pool gas price and subsequently reduced the cost of generating electricity.
“The ERC has considered several risk factors, such as rising fuel prices, the economy’s failure to recover in the short term, exchange-rate fluctuation as well as the aim to maintain stable fuel tariff throughout 2021. Hence, ERC has decided to cut the fuel tariff rate by 15.32 satang from January to April 2021, which will bring electricity bills down,” he said.