Sun, October 24, 2021


Vibhavadi Hospital shares rise after vaccine news

The share price of Vibhavadi Hospital (Vibha) rose by Bt0.19, or 10.56 per cent, to Bt1.99 per share in the morning session on Friday over news that the hospital had ordered up to 60,000 doses of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Managing director Pijit Viriyamettakul said the hospital’s move was aimed at giving people access to a vaccine amid the present second Covid-19 wave, adding that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the vaccine.

He expected Thailand’s FDA to allow the hospital to vaccinate people in February this year.

“After receiving FDA approval, we will allow people to reserve their vaccination,” he said, adding that each person would be charged Bt6,000-Bt10,000.

He added that Thailand’s FDA had earlier ordered the hospital to refund money to people who had subscribed for Moderna's vaccine because at that time it hadn’t received US FDA approval.

“However, we still have a list of people who had subscribed for the vaccine,” he added.

Published : January 08, 2021

By : The Nation