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JKN to introduce Thailand's first hemp-based health products

Anne Jakkrajutatip, Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director of JKN Global Media Plc, is developing food supplements and healthy drinks made from hemp following the Thai government's recent announcement in regulating hemp. JKN will partner with a renowned manufacturer DOD Biotech Plc to produce 10 hemp-based products. 

"JKN plans to introduce ten hemp-based products that include a variety of food supplements, instant tea, and coffee. They will be made available exclusively on digital TV channels and all JKN Shopping online platforms." added Anne Jakrajutatip. In the past, JKN has been developing various food supplement brands such as C-Tria, Olig Fiber, V-Allin, and Fish Caps, in addition to a hair serum product called Hair Now. JKN's expertise is in marketing and understanding consumer needs.

JKN to introduce Thailand's first hemp-based health products In addition, “JKN is partnered with DOD as the manufacturer and DOD is currently the only public listed company that has been approved by Thailand’s FDA. With JKN marketing expertise and distribution process, we would be able to maximize the market value of hemp products and secure sustainable growth in the future," she said.

In anticipation of rising demands for hemp-related products in Thailand, JKN aims to become the one-stop manufacturer and distributor of health products made from hemp.

Published : March 09, 2021

By : The Nation