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"Masita" Unveils The New Product "Cold Ramen Hachiban Flavour"

Masita continues its collaboration strategy with the latest partnership with Hachiban Ramen, Thailands most famous Japanese ramen chain, creating "Cold Ramen Flavor," which is Hachibans signature dish.

"Masita" continues its collaboration strategy with the latest invention, "Cold Ramen Flavour" in partnership with "Hachiban Ramen," one of Thailand's most renowned ramen chains. The new addition is aimed to excite the seaweed snack market, which the brand currently reign with a 39% market share, and give more options to consumers with premium seaweed 100%-sourced from South Korea and no MSG.

Mr. Titiporn Thammapimookkul, Chief Marketing Officer of Boonrawd Trading Co., Ltd., reveals that one of Masita's marketing strategy for the past couple of years, which were wildly successful, was to form a partnership marketing or collaboration with famous restaurant chains such as Bar B Q Plaza, BonChon Chicken, Sukishi and Tudari. The partnerships had helped the brand differentiate itself from competitors, put the brand in a strong position, and significantly boost sales and revenue.

"Masita" Unveils The New Product "Cold Ramen Hachiban Flavour"

Past successes had led to Masita's latest partnership with Hachiban Ramen, Thailand's most famous Japanese ramen chain, creating "Cold Ramen Flavor," which is Hachiban's signature dish. Consumers will be able to taste the flavor and aroma which replicates the experience of dining in Hachiban's no.1 dish, dipping ramen noodles in the cold Saru sauce served with Wasabi, onion, radish, spring onion, with Masita's sesame oil and crispy seaweed served cold just like old times.

Masita is the first brand to differentiate itself from competitors with partnership marketing. Every past brand that has collaborated with Masita is renowned food chains that consumers know and love. The strength of Masita and its partners has brought new and quality products to all consumers, being the only brand in the seaweed snack market that all SKUs have 0% MSG but packed with tasty flavor in seaweed 100% sourced from Korea. The commitment has made Masita , No.1 brand of roasted seaweed product in their portfolio with constant growth and relevance to health-conscious consumers.

The company is dedicating its marketing communication efforts on all platforms, especially online, to increase awareness and build product relevance among the young generation to first jobber consumers. The collaboration with Hachiban will introduce Masita to Hachiban fans and will lead to new product trials and long-term consumption in the long run.

The "Cold Ramen" Masita seaweed snack weighs 15 grams per pack and is priced at 39 Baht. The product is available in every 7-Eleven branch, Hachiban Ramen restaurants in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Samut Prakan, and Pathum Thani from today until August 2021 or until sold out.

The seaweed snack market currently values 2.1 billion Baht. Although the overall market value has shrunken due to COVID-19, Masita is still growing with an 18.3% market share in 2020. While the more specific baked seaweed snack market value decreased by 19.2% but Masita still sees a 6% growth with over 31.5% market share.

Published : May 18, 2021