Wed, October 27, 2021


Ministry of Commerce presents "Design Excellence Award 2021" (DEmark)

The Thailand Office of Innovation and Value Creation of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) under the Ministry of Commerce presents the Design Excellence Award 2021 (DEmark 2021) in honor of the 98 business operators and designers who prove their excellence in various categories of design.

The award presentation promotes the outstanding and unique designs that increase the value of Thai products. They have been introduced to worldwide markets through a live event on the "DEmark' Thailand" Facebook page.

Nantapong Chiralerspong, Deputy Director-General of the DITP, said, "The DEmark Award project helps increase the value of Thai products and services. It develops the marketing potential of business operators including SMEs and micro SMEs. It also opens up trade opportunities, helps boost the national economy, proactively promotes international trade and enables Thai business operators to compete in global markets.

The DITP expects the DEmark logo to be the certificate of quality Thai products when it is recognized locally and internationally. This will support business operators in increasing the value of their products. Consumers will have confidence in their reliable products and services while the value addition of the products and services is upgraded and their standards are raised."

The DEmark 2021 contest was organized on the theme of "Regenerative Design for the Next" and was intended to be a catalyst for the reform of designs to serve the changing lifestyles of people worldwide who must adapt to their New Normal. Designers and business operators were invited to the DEmark Award contest in June. An online exhibition, DEmark Show Online 2021, was held at the website of the project to present 590 entries in July and August. The entries were judged online on July 20-23.

Of the entries, 98 won awards in various categories.

  • Industrial Process/Industrial Craft  20 items
  • Gift & Decorative Items/Household Items  16 Items
  • Creative & Innovative Fashion/Apparel/Jewelry/Textile etc. 13 items
  • Home Appliances/Smart Product-Service Solutions/User-Oriented IOTs/Wearables, Automated Services, Medical & Health Design, Sustainable Innovation etc. 14 items
  • Packaging Design 13 items
  • Font/Graphic on Surface/Digital Media/Identity Design 17 items
  • Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe/Retail Shop/Co-Working Space/Condominium Project 5 items

Ministry of Commerce presents "Design Excellence Award 2021" (DEmark) Ministry of Commerce presents "Design Excellence Award 2021" (DEmark)

The DEmark Award project has been successfully promoting excellent Thai designs to the eyes of international consumers. Since 2008, 991 designs have received the DEmark Award and 485 have won the G Mark Award. This year, 21 entries garnered the G Mark 2021 Award.

Interested parties can see the Thai products that have won the awards at which is another marketing channel for both producers and buyers.

"In response to the five-year Thai trade strategic plan as instructed by His Excellency Jurin Laksanawisit, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Commerce, the Department is ready to cooperate with all concerned governmental and private organizations to throw support and share information for the sake of trade development.

"The DEmark project has received cooperation and support from many local and international organizations. The Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) which organizes the G Mark contest in Japan, the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), the organizer of the Golden Pin Design Award, and the Hong Kong Exporters' Association (HKEA), the host of the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards contest, sent their representatives to be the judges of the DEmark Award this year. Besides, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. has consistently sponsored the DEmark project and provided space for its public relations. The cooperation with more international organizers of design awards should ensure benefits from the DEmark project and excellent designs will be widely recognized and lead to trade achievements in the future," Mr. Nantapong added.

The DEmark Award promotes excellent Thai designs internationally. Award winners received the DEmark logo as the certificate of their design excellence. Business operators can use it as a marketing tool to make their products eye-catching. The DEmark Award increases the value of excellently designed Thai products and guarantees their international recognition. It also stimulates the development of Thai products for the better life of local and international consumers.

For more information, please contact the Thailand Office of Innovation and Value Creation of the Department of International Trade Promotion at tel. 061 032 6594, 082 954 5965 and 0 2507 8278 or at the email address: [email protected]

Published : September 28, 2021