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Bangkok Land spearheads a corporate social initiative dubbed “IMPACT Farm”

Paul Kanjanapas, chief executive officer of Bangkok Land Public Company Limited, has started an organic farm to not only support local farmers but also promote healthy eating through the consumption of organic products.

He himself made several trips to Chiang Mai to visit at least 69 organic farmers who are willing to work in harmony with nature. Inspired by the wealth of high quality, local produce Chiang Mai had to offer, he decided to purchase organic products directly from the farmers as he envisioned using organic products in every restaurant operated by IMPACT. 

Our chemical-free products can be purchased via or LINE: @impactmuangthong. 

Paul Kanjanapas, chief executive officer of Bangkok Land Public Company Limited, said “It was like a light bulb moment that sparked my idea of wanting my kids and family to have a long-term health condition, which can be achieved by many alternatives, but to me through the consumption of vegetables and fruits that are grown completely chemical free is the most effective and safest method. I’ve talked to, exchanged, and shared knowledge with some prospects in the hospitality industry, and I got surprised by the fact that many of the foods we eat daily are most likely contain toxic chemicals. Certain chemicals can pose a long term damage to the immune system. It’s time for me to explore organic farming opportunities and embark on this path. I met an organic producer and active member of a local organic farming community center in Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai, Ms. Phathum Suriya, who is dedicated to organic methods and supplies high quality organic produce. She also mentioned that organic farming produces lower yields in comparison to conventional farming.” 

Bangkok Land spearheads a corporate social initiative dubbed “IMPACT Farm”


He continued “I want to support local farmers and let them make more income through supplying high quality organic vegetables to our restaurants. So far IMPACT Farm has had approximately 69 members. We buy organic vegetables and fruits directly from the local organic farming community center and sell them through; LINE: @impactmuangthong; Tel: 065-496-6949. 

Our store carries a diverse array of produce such as green salad, bok choi, white mugwort, curl leaf kale, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and wolffia arrhiza (seasonality will influence the availability.)

“All the vegetables and fruits we buy from them allow our chefs to create authentic and modern cuisine that is exceptionally pleasing to every palate. Hong Kong Fisherman, Hong Kong Suki, Tsubohachi, Uwajima, Breeze Café and Bar, and Thonglor Thai cuisine, all under the management of IMPACT, feature organic produce in their menus. We buy products in large quantities to feed millions of customers and visitors since IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center allures more than 10 million visitors every year. Most organizers use “IMPACT Catering” to provide meals for their guests, so I tell my staff to treat customers as their own friends. Think about when we host a party at home, we most likely use top notch ingredients to make wonderful dishes for friends and family," Paul added.   

“The world still spins around, and everyone has to make a living to put food on the table regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic. The future is unpredictable, and life is full of surprise. Let’s us focus on ourselves today. I found myself thinking about foods and well-being over the past 2 years. I wouldn’t hesitate to admit that we still have a lot to catch up on an organic farming journey, but we will do our best to do what it takes to achieve organic farming business. Working toward the same goal (everyone deserves to eat healthy) with the organic producers in Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai, is a fortune,” explained Paul.

Ms. Pathum, a fierce advocate for what organic farmers need, said “I’m thrilled to work with Bangkok Land Public Company Limited., that has the same passion for supporting as well as empowering organic farming business while supplying fresh, organic fruits and vegetables such as longan, banana, guava, lime, baby jackfruit, and green salad to dine-in and online customers. First and foremost, the organic farmers from the local organic farming community center can make a living selling high quality produce all year round. 


When was the local organic farming community center founded?  

Ms. Pathum: “I embarked on this journey in 1995 while I was pursuing my master’s degree. You all know research paper is required to fulfill a master’s degree. My interest lied in the topic of fermented beans. Not only did I get hooked up by this research topic, but it made me rethink about the future of agriculture in Thailand. Many questions popped up in my mind, but misconceptions about Thai farming had me worried the most. I didn’t understand why developed countries valued organic farming significantly while underdeveloped countries looked down on farmers? In Thailand, famers were labeled as impoverished. In 1996, I got a job as a teacher who wanted to school students in Thai agriculture. Taking advantage of the teaching opportunity, I loaned 200,000 baht from the bank to help me with funding for my 9 rai farm land. I put aside some money to build water systems with a total of 2 rai, leaving me 7 rai for other agricultural needs. Like most startups, failure is inevitable. I started on conventional farming with a little to no knowledge, so did my fellows. Plus, we didn’t keep track of income and expenses. Then I switched to organic farming business using comprehensive strategies coupled with land improvements. Finally, I managed to achieve great results in 2 years and gave up my school job to become a full-time organic famer,” explained Ms. Pathum.    


About Bangkok Land Public Company Limited

Bangkok Land Public Company Limited or “BLAND,” is one of the leading real estate companies in Thailand that has been in business since 1973. The company’s main objective is to develop land with the evolution of advanced technology to transform Muang Thong Thani into a fully integrated international modernization center. The company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1992.  Currently, Bangkok Land expands its business according to its main line of business, including real estate groups, exhibition and convention center, hotels under the management of IMPACT, retail businesses, and restaurants in the IMPACT group. For more information, please visit or 

Published : May 20, 2022