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PTG improving quality of life for Khon Kaen locals

Thailand’s leading energy company, PTG Energy Plc, is running a corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign titled “PTG Volunteers Leave No One Behind” with a focus on benefiting local communities and environment in the provinces where the company operates.

On June 17-18, PTG volunteers visited Kudnamsai and Muang Wan in Nam Phong district, Khon Kaen, to donate scholarships, learning materials, sports equipment and medical supplies to 20 schools in the two subdistricts.

Forty-three students were granted scholarships of 2,000 baht each to support their education, while volunteers helped prepare meals for schoolchildren. The PTG volunteers also helped build mushroom sheds and donated oyster mushroom substrate, vegetable seeds, and 6,000 fish hatchlings to villagers to help them grow food for meals for students and their families.

“PTG has been operating in Thailand for 33 years, during which time we have always emphasised helping society, improving people’s quality of life, and promoting environment conservation, education, and health of local people,” said PTG executive vice-president Rangsun Puangprang.

PTG improving quality of life for Khon Kaen locals

PTG improving quality of life for Khon Kaen locals

“Nam Phong district is where the company built its first oil plant and service station in the Northeast, so we are closely connected with local people here. The company estimates that the June 17-18 campaign helped to improve the quality of life for 10 communities in Muang Wan subdistrict and 14 communities in Kudnamsai.”

Besides “PTG Volunteers Leave No One Behind”, this year PTG also launched the “PT Brighter Vision” campaign, which provided 1,100 pairs of eyeglasses to underprivileged elderly people. The campaign won the “CSR of the Year 2022” title at the Thailand Top Company Awards 2022, organised by “Business+” magazine and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

PTG ran the two campaigns in parallel, leading a team of ophthalmologists to examine the eyes of elderly and bedridden patients in each community and prescribe glasses as needed. After the June 17-18 activity, 250 seniors in Kudnamsai and 350 in Muang Wan will each have a new pair of glasses to help make their daily life easier.

PTG improving quality of life for Khon Kaen locals

PTG improving quality of life for Khon Kaen locals

After cooking for schoolchildren on June 18, PTG’s volunteers headed to Nong Ben Reservoir in Muang Wan district to plant 300 seedlings of perennial trees around the reservoir as part of the company’s commitment to create a “green lung” for the community.

PTG is also running the “Separating Waste for Our World with PT” activity, in which volunteers will educate community leaders about the importance of separating household garbage from general waste, and how to make fertiliser for garbage. After completion of training, PTG will provide 50 bins for each community so that they can efficiently turn household garbage into fertiliser and keep the community tidy and clean.

“Since its establishment, PTG Energy Plc has been committed to supporting communities and improving local people’s quality of life, in line with our motto of “creating happy bodies, happy minds, and a happy society”, said Rangsun.

PTG improving quality of life for Khon Kaen locals

Published : June 22, 2022