AIS Business aims to accelerate achievement of digital transformation for Thai enterprises


AIS Business, a subsidiary of Advanced Info Service (AIS), intends to play a key role in enabling local and regional enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation.

AIS Business will focus on accelerating growth beyond pandemic recovery, modernising trusted digital infrastructure to improve efficiency, agility, and security, and creating sustainable business with digital solutions, according to the company’s business direction for 2023

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, AIS chief enterprise business officer, told a media briefing on Monday that most Thai businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, are still in the early stages of digital transformation. He said AIS Business wants to be their partner in providing 5G technology that is customised to what SMEs want for their own solutions.

He pointed to a big gap between the country’s aspirations and its current situation. “If the country's goal is Thailand 4.0, Thai businesses are still at 2.0,” he pointed out.

"Most of them recognise their own pain points while looking for solutions that are unique to them. AIS Business will consult with them and assist them in locating the appropriate technology or digital solution from our territory," Tanapong said.

"This year will see the creation of a complete digital business ecosystem that will meet the needs of every organisation in every dimension," he vowed.

He said the company would continue to focus on five strategies: connecting the 5G ecosystem to improve businesses; improving secured network performance with intelligent networks; improving trusted digital infrastructure and platform of cloud and data centre; improving digital marketing and data-driven business capability; and delivering solution and managed services by trusted professionals.

He expected double-digit growth for AIS Business this year and to expand its partners as much as possible. AIS Business currently has over 200 partners, including technology companies, government agencies, industry experts, and SMEs and startups.