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FRIDAY, December 08, 2023

New Startup chief aims to turn Thailand from tech user to tech maker

New Startup chief aims to turn Thailand from tech user to tech maker
TUESDAY, August 09, 2022

The new president of the Thai Startup Trade Association has unveiled his mission to transform Thailand from a nation of “technology users” to one of "technology makers” that no one can ignore.

Mickey Srisavat shared his ambitious vision and two-year mission as Thai Startup’s new leader at a press conference on Tuesday.

He said that although Thailand is well regarded for its digital infrastructure, the country lags behind neighbouring countries in terms of technology creation and development.

Mickey revealed that his mission to transform the country from a nation of tech users to makers has three elements: collaborations between start-ups, engaging various partners, and making a positive impact.

Working collaboratively would help boost start-ups with skills to improve their business while also connecting them to funding via venture capital.

Start-ups in their early stages needed as much support as possible to survive and flourish to become potential unicorns, he added.

However, recognising that his vision will not be accomplished during his presidency, he hopes to at least improve the image of Thai start-ups from low-quality to competitive excellence.

The Thai Startup Trade Association is a non-profit organisation founded in 2014 by a group of Thai tech entrepreneurs. Its purpose is to encourage Thai start-ups to grow and to create a complete ecosystem in which members can share ideas that will help the country develop a new tech industry. The association currently has 108 start-up members.