Fri, May 20, 2022


Vendors file lawsuit against BMA over demolition

Forty-eight vendors, whose shops in the Saphan Lek are facing demolition to make way for Bangkok's re-landscaping of the historical Klong Ong Ang area, filed a complaint with the Central Administrative Court on Thursday to seek a court injunction.

The group, led by Surat Limakkaraangkul, filed a lawsuit against the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Interior Minister for issuing an allegedly illegitimate order to demolish shops and buildings in the Saphan Lek area. They have requested for a court injunction pending verdict. They are still waiting to find out if the court will take up the lawsuit. 

Previously, some 100 vendors from Saphan Han and Saphan Lek markets had filed a complaint with National Human Right Commission member Dr Niran Pitakwatchara to investigate the city’s demolition order, which began on Tuesday.

Published : October 22, 2015

By : Kasinee Taengkhio The Nation