Fri, May 20, 2022


Hospital makes urgent plea for blood donors

Bangkok’s Rajavithi Hospital is inviting members of the public to donate blood of all types as the facility is temporarily low on blood supplies.

The hospital’s blood bank head Pongjit Khemnak yesterday said they particularly needed blood type A, which has the highest demand.
Those interested in donating blood can contact the 7th Floor of Rajavithi Hospital’s Sirindhorn Building from 8.30am-4.30pm, she said. The blood bank can also dispatch a mobile blood donation unit to collect from donors in groups of more than 50 people, she added. Groups can contact 02-3548108 extensions 3026 and 3031.
The requirements for donating blood include that a donor has to weigh at least 45 kilograms, be between 17 and 60, and have slept at least six hours, eaten a low-fat meal and drank a lot of water. The donor must not engage in drug abuse or risky sexual behaviour, and must not smoke for one hour or drink alcohol for one day before donating.

Published : February 16, 2016

By : Jeerapong Prasertpolkrung The