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South Korea’s KAIR Airlines launches with A320 aircraft

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South Korean start-up carrier KAIR Airlines has announced that it has selected an A320 to launch its new low-cost operation, with the firm ordering eight A320ceo aircraft.


The new airline will be based in Cheongju in central South Korea and will focus primarily on services to international destinations in North East Asia.
“We see enormous potential for the development of a low-cost model linking central South Korea with destinations in China, Taiwan and Japan”, said Byung Ho Kang, KAIR Airlines representative director and chairman. 
“KAIR Airlines will focus on point-to-point services at low fares while offering passengers a modern and fun product offering. Brand new A320 aircraft will be perfect for our business model and customers, combining the lowest operating costs with the widest cabin in the single aisle segment.”
John Leahy, Airbus chief operating officer, customers, said the company was “impressed” by the business model developed by KAIR Airlines.
“We are confident that the efficiencies offered by the A320 will contribute to a successful launch by KAIR Airlines, bringing more choice for passengers flying in the North East Asian region,” he said. 
“The selection of the A320 by KAIR Airlines underscores once again the position of the Airbus single aisle product line as the preferred choice for low cost airlines in Asia.”

Published : March 14, 2017

By : The Nation